Request for Recruitment Materials

Please contact your District Director or District Executive for help and suggestions about how to run a successful recruiting event.  We are here to help!

Fliers, Posters, Peer to Peer cards, Lawn Signs, Family Talent Survey forms and Family Onboarding Welcome Packets are available to Packs, Troops and Crews.  There is NO CHARGE for Recruitment Materials.

The pictures of fliers below are examples and will be used as available to fill requests.  If we run out of the flier that you request, we may substitute another.

We will accomodate everyone, but please allow time for printing!

Please complete all of the following information:

First, please provide us with the following details about your request:

Date of this request:
*Please tell us what you need:

*Date Needed:
*Do you have any special requests or instructions?
*Please tell us about your recruiting event. For example, are you distributing flyers at school, church, library, etc.?
*Your Name (We will contact you if we have any questions about this request):
*Your daytime phone number (Numbers only, no dashes):
*Your e-mail address:

Fliers:  Please choose your preferred option.  In the event that the flier you request is not available, your information will be printed on an available option.  Your recruiting information will be printed on the BACK of the flier.

Cub Scout Flier Option #1:




Cub Scout Flier Option #2: 

Your Adventure Starts Here (for Boys & Girls)



Cub Scout Flier Option #3:

Adventure is Waiting (collage of pictures of boys and girls)



ScoutsBSA Flier Option #1:

For Boy Troops

Reach Your Potential Then Climb Right Past It.



ScoutsBSA Flier Option #2:

For Girl Troops

Reach Your Potential Then Climb Right Past It.



ScoutsBSA Flier Option #3:

For Boy Troops

Sometimes the Road Less Traveled Isn't a Road at All.



ScoutsBSA Flier Option #4:

For Girl Troops

Sometimes the Road Less Traveled Isn't a Road At All.



*Please choose your flier:

How many fliers do you need?
Do you need a proof copy before we print the fliers?

Posters:  Poster size is 11" X 17" and we are able to print a maximum of 4 lines of text.  We will include as much information as possible!

How many posters do you need?

Peer to Peer Cards:  These are business card size.  Scouts can write their unit meeting information on the back and hand them out to their friends to invite them to come to a meeting.

How many peer to peer cards do you need?

Lawn Signs:  A maximum of 5 lawn signs for each Unit, in order to accommodate everyone, please!

How many lawn signs do you need? Maximum of 5 lawn signs, please.

Family Talent Survey Forms

How many Family Talent Survey forms do you need?

Family Onboarding Welcome Packets: This is a large, NNJC branded folder containing 1 youth application, 1 adult application, information to link to the Parent Guide, New Member Coordinator position description, Scout Shop 25% Discount Coupon and Uniform Guide, Fall Program information and Boys' Life mini magazine.

Please request one packet for each new family. 

How many Family Onboarding Welcome Packets do you need?

Please print the following information on fliers and/or posters:

Recruitment Date:
Unit Contact Name to print on your fliers (Optional):
Unit Contact phone number to print on your fliers (optional):
Is there any other information that you would like to include?

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