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2019 /2020 Lodge Leadership

The Lodge Officers elected by the youth membership of the Lodge. The Lodge Officers make up the Lodge Executive Committee (LEC). Each youth is advised by an adult adviser. The Lodge Adviser, associate Lodge Advisers, and Chapter Advisers are appointed by the Supreme Chief of the Fire (our Council Executive). 

Chapter Chiefs are elected by the youth members of their Chapter.

Committee Chairs are appointed by the Lodge Chief in consultation with his Lodge Officers.

The terms of service for all positions are for one year. If you are a youth interested in service the Lodge as a Officer, Chapter Chief, or Committee Chair, please contact the Lodge Chief. Any adult seeking to serve the youth of the Lodge in an advisory capacity should contact our Lodge Adviser.

Lodge Officers

Alexis Mollet

Lodge Chief

Liam Naumann

Vice Chief of Program

Owen Kasmin

Vice Chief Unit Relations

Tyler Romaine

Vice Chief of Inductions

Tommy Gingerelli

Lodge Treasurer

Jason Delgado

Lodge Secretary


Lodge Key Three

Alexis Mollet

Lodge Chief

Steve Leonardi

Lodge Adviser

Mike Wirth

Staff Adviser


Supreme Chief of the Fire

Rebecca Fields

Council Executive

Associate Lodge Advisers


Michael Benedetto

Associate Lodge Adviser

John Brain

Associate Lodge Adviser





Chapter Chiefs and Advisers

Ramapo Valley Chapter


Will Ryan

RV Chapter Co-Chief

Jimmy Kelly

RV Chapter Co-Chief


Steve Prihoda

RV Chapter Adviser

Justin Hering

RV Chapter Assoc. Adviser

Lenape Trail Chapter


Dan Goldsmith

LT Chapter Co-Chief




Steve Brown

LT Chapter Adviser

Jon Anderson

LT Assoc. Chapter Adviser

Three Rivers Chapter


Leo Parker

TR Chapter Co-Chief

AJ Rosenburger

TR Chapter Co-Chief


Kevin Dolce

TR Chapter Adviser

Billy Cook

TR Assoc. Chapter Adviser


Committee Chairs and Advisers

Banquet Committee


De'Chon Goolsby

Banquet Co-Chair

Sean Partington

Banquet Co-Chair

Liam Naumann

Vice Chief of Program


John Brain

Service Adviser

Brotherhood Committee


Carl Noll

Brotherhood Chair




Brotherhood Adviser


Ceremonies Team


Jimmy Kelly

Ceremonies Team Chief



Matt Dalzell

Ceremonies Adviser

Conclave Committee



Conclave Chair




Conclave Adviser


Dance Team


Jack McGowan

Dance Team Chair



Jose Jerez

Dance Team Adviser

Elangomat Commitee


Dan McKirby

Elangomat Chair



Leon Wiser

Elangomat Adviser


NOAC Committee


Ryan Cannon

NOAC Chair



Jay Delgado Sr.

NOAC Adviser

Service Commitee


Max Sayre

Service Chair



John Brain

Service Adviser

Social Media Committee



Social Media Chair




Social Media Adviser

Spring Leadership Development (SLED)/ Annual Meeting Committee


Sean Partington

SLED/ Annual Meeting Co-Chair

De'Chon Goolsby

SLED/ Annual Meeting Co-Chair



SLED/ Annual Meeting  Adviser

Trading Post Committee


Mackenzie Courtright

Trading Post Chair



Larry Burke

Conclave Adviser


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