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         Centurion Award Recipients     

The Centurion Award is a one-time recognition associated with the 100th anniversary of the Order of the Arrow. The Centurion Award aims to highlight "Hometown Heroes," or Arrowmen who have meaningfully contributed to the forming, maturing, and ongoing operational excellence of the local council's lodge, and who, in doing so, inspired others to follow in their footsteps.  This awad commemorates those among us who are exemplars of the high ideals and purpose of the Order of the Arrow.  These honorees will serve as exemplars of leadership, modeling to others a commitment to cheerful service as the Order of the Arrow enters its second century. 

Each recipient being recognized for their service as a youth has contributed at least 3 years of youth service. Each recipient being recognized for service as an adult has contributed at least 6 years of service.  They have all been nominted by at least one member of the Lodge and have all been selected by a committe that is aware of the Lodge in its current state as well as the Lodge's history.

Here are Lenapehoking Lodge's Centurion Award Recipients:

Dan McDonough Jr.

It is rare to find an Arrowman who can fully dedicate himself to the Order of the Arrow and have such a transformative presence on the organization.  Dan McDonough Jr. is one of these Arrowmen.  Dan began his service to the order the moment he became an ordeal member of Elauwit Lodge in 1990 and a brotherhood member in 1991..  One of Dan’s undertakings was helping carry out the merger between Elauwit Lodge and Pamrapaugh Lodge into Mantawogan Lodge.  Most others going into this job thought of this merger as the death of two Lodges.  However, even though Dan has always displayed loyalty and commitment to Elauwit Lodge, he viewed the merger as a marriage between two Lodges.  Dan’s ability to transform the mindsets and attitudes of those around him was crucial for the success of the merger.  

Following his service in the Lodge, Dan became a Section Chief. On top of all of the work he contributed towards the section, he still remained loyal to his original Lodge.   Dan had a significant impact on the Order of the Arrow at a Regional and National level.  He served as Northeast Region Chief from 1994 to 1995. His service to the Region took place at the same time the National Leadership Seminar was being introduced, This allowed him to oversee and implement the introduction of what has come to be a phenomenal training course.  In addition, he has provided service to the National Order of the Arrow Committee.  After serving as a youth, Dan served as a staffer for the National Lodge Adviser Training Course, where he encouraged participants to think out of the box and fully engaged every individual that he trained.

Perhaps Dan’s most redeeming quality goes beyond his extraordinary service and dedication to the Order of the Arrow.  Dan’s personality and leadership skills have enabled him to succeed.  Dan is known to have strong ability to lighten the mood and attitude of those around him and form strong relationships with everyone he knows.  Dan’s legacy to the Order of the Arrow makes him an embodiment of the principles we hope to see in every Arrowman.  

John T. Homler

Brother John Homler made the vision and mission of Lenapehoking Lodge IX his own.  He took it upon himself to establish a high standard of excellence for the Lodge, the Lodge Executive Committee, and himself.  In the year 2012-2013, John served as Lodge Chief.  In many ways, the 2012-2013 year was a turning point for Lenapehoking Lodge, and without a doubt, John was the force propelling the Lodge towards this peak. 

John Homler began his journey in the Order of the Arrow in 2006, when he became an Ordeal member of Lenapehoking Lodge IX.  The following year he obtained brotherhood membership.  From that day until the conclusion of his youth membership, he was an extremely active and influential member of the Ceremonies Team.  He served as Chairman of the Ceremonies Team and in so doing, elevated the team to new successes and recognition at the sectional and national levels. 

John Homler’s experience as a ceremonialist shaped and influenced his decisions and leadership as Lodge Chief.  Through his understanding of the ceremonies, John came to understand the true mission and purpose of the Order of the Arrow.  He ensured that all decisions were rooted in the mission and purpose of the Order.  After receiving the Vigil Honor in 2011, John demonstrated this commitment to transformative change by serving on the Vigil Honor Committee and helping to bring about much needed changes in the selection process and implementation of the honor.  Following his term as Lodge Chief, he served as chairman of the Vigil Honor Committee during the 2013-2014 year.  His many services to the lodge resulted in his selection as a Founders Award recipient in 2014. 

Because of these services as Lodge Chief and Vigil Honor Chair, John Homler helped to propel the Lodge into a new, better direction.  The change came not only because of the immense amount of work he poured into his positions, but also because he influenced those around him to follow his higher vision.  His work serves as an inspiration to all of the Lodge Officers who follow him as they carry on his vision for the Lodge.  Even with the short passage of time, it is clear to all that John Homler’s legacy as a leader continues to guide Lenapehoking Lodge.

Mark Ciccaglione

Mark began his service to the lodge immediately after completing his Ordeal in 2010.  In the year following his induction, Mark became involved in the Three Rivers Chapter, served as an Elangomat three times, and obtained Brotherhood membership.  He first got his start on the Lodge Executive Committee during the 2012-2013 year, when he served as both Chapter Chief and Lodge Brotherhood Chairman. 

As Three Rivers Chapter Chief, Mark held monthly Chapter Meetings, pushed for more unit elections than in any previous year and involved more members in the Chapter.  In doing so, he developed a large and successful elections team to service the units within his district.  However, Mark’s most significant contribution to the Chapter is how he shared his leadership and vision with as many people as possible.  Through Mark’s efforts, the Three Rivers Chapter became the Lodge’s most successful chapter. As Brotherhood Chairman, Mark instituted new practices to better the Lodge.  For instance, he mailed two letters to every new Ordeal member and improved the brotherhood hike process by raising awareness around the brotherhood conversion.  Because of Mark’s service, .the Lodge recorded more brotherhood conversions than any previous year in the Lodge’s history, a number that continues to grow to this day.

The following year, Mark served as Lenapehoking Lodge’s Vice-Chief of Inductions (VCI).  He made sure that every Induction Weekend ran smoothly, and, more importantly, improved each time. While VCI, he developed a strong team of Arrowmen that helped him run the weekends. Many of them continue to lead the Lodge in other capacities today.

This year, Mark serves as Lodge Chief, 2015 NOAC Contingent Leader, and Co-Vigil Chairman.  Mark has been successful as Lodge Chief by enabling his team to succeed.  Mark leads by serving.  He isn't afraid to work hard and he doesn't ask anyone to do jobs he wouldn't do.  At the same time, he expects results and enables success.  Mark’s leadership has been instrumental for the Lodge achieving Gold JTE three years in a row.

Lenapehoking Lodge has reached a high point in recent years.  But it is safe to say that without Mark’s efforts, the Lodge would not be where it is today.  He has taken every task seriously and with the highest degree of dedication. He has defined his own success in terms of the success of the Lodge,  the success of his team, and the success of the LEC.  Because of this, Mark has come to be an extremely effective servant leader, one who’s leadership and service will be felt for years to come. 

James DuVernay

Jim DuVernay was first inducted into Oratam Lodge 484 in 1995.  He joined the Lodge Executive Committee in 1997-1998 when he served as Lodge Elections Chairman.  The following year, he was elected as the first Lodge Chief of Oratam Lodge 286 following the merger of Oratam 484 and Iaopough 286.  After that, he began his involvement with the section as Section NE-2B Vice-Chief, and the Section Chief the following year.

Jim is an exceptional team builder and a truly inclusive leader who is willing to work with anyone.  His ability to create a highly functional team not only lead his Lodge to excellence, but also allowed him to hit the ground running following a merger between two lodges.  In addition, this attitude of teamwork that he set amongst the members of his Lodge helped set the stage for the successful merger of four Lodges into Lenapehoking Lodge IX. 

In 1999, while Jim was Lodge Chief, Oratam hosted the Section Conclave.  Jim provided an enthusiastic spirit, an effective team, and strong planning skills, contributing significantly to what turned out to be a great Conclave.  While Jim was Section Chief, he made the successes of all of the Lodges in the Section his top priority and did a great job at meeting this goal.  Also, he worked to improve the skills and training experiences of all members by instituting the Conclave University program. 

Jim is deeply thoughtful regarding the spirit of the Order and took advantage of every opportunity to embody this spirit.  This may have been through his carefully written letters from the chief, his introductions to Ordeal candidates, or in discussions with Arrowmen and Scouts.  Jim's legacy is one of a servant leader who developed a close-knit team working toward common goals.  He is a brother who thoughtfully, cheerfully, and enthusiastically spreads the spirit of the Order.

Donald Duthaler Jr.

Don Duthaler is easily one of the most humble and selfless Arrowmen in Lenapehoking Lodge’s history.  Since his induction into Oratam Lodge 484 in 1981, Don has exemplified the three foundational principles of the Order of the Arrow: brotherhood, cheerfulness, and service.  Don’s journey in the Order of the Arrow began while he was a youth.  He was the 1983-1984 Lodge Chief of Oratam Lodge right after serving as the 1983 NOAC Contingent Leader.  In 1996, he began his service as Lodge Adviser of Oratam Lodge 484.  Because of his success in this position, he continued serving in this capacity following the merger of Oratam 484 and Iaopaugh 286 into Oratam 286 in 1998.  The following year, after the four Lodges that now make up Lenapehoking Lodge merged, he became the first Lodge Adviser of Lenapehoking Lodge IX because of his outstanding leadership in the merger process.  He continued serving as Lodge Adviser until he stepped down in 2001.  However, even after stepping down as Lodge Adviser, he continued as Conclave Host Lodge Adviser when his Lodge hosted the 1999, 2004, and 2007 Conclaves.  This led him to be the Section NE-2B Associate Adviser from 2006-2009 and Section NE-7A Adviser from 2009-2012.  He currently serves as the Section NE-5A Adviser.  He has had an outstanding legacy in the section.  An example of this is the accounting system he helped establish for the section and his helpfulness and knowledge with conclaves. 

He has also provided significant service on the Regional and National levels.  He was part of the Northeast Region Key Three Summit Staff in 2013, and he has served multiple times in a supporting role for the Northeast Regional NLS/NLATS courses held at Camp Alpine.  He also served on NOAC Staff at the 2004, 2006, 2009, and 2012 conferences, and he served on the National Planning Meeting committee in 2013.

Don’s most admired quality is his humbleness.  He is never one to take sole credit for any of his endeavors and certainly never boasts about his accomplishments.  His extreme humbleness is rooted in his strong understanding of the work of others and his strong understanding of the necessity of teamwork to achieve.  In addition, Don provides selfless service to all of those around him and is always willing to lend a hand regardless of the time or travel it takes.  Don is truly a servant leader.

Lastly, Don consistently serves as a mentor for his youth officers, making sure that they have proper support to succeed in their positions.  He considers the success of others and the success of the teams that he works with to make up his own personal success.  Through his calm and collected personality, he has a unique ability to work with others and resolve conflicts.  He has had a lasting legacy on the youth and adults that he serves, Lenapehoking Lodge, and the Order of the Arrow as a whole. 

Jose Jerez

One of Jose Jerez’s defining qualities is his true dedication to the Order of the Arrow.  While many Arrowmen choose to leave their mark on the OA and then simply look back on their successes, Jose is different.  The OA is in many ways a part of Jose’s life.  Jose first joined the dance team in the 1970s.  After aging out as a youth, he began serving as an Adviser to the dance team and he continues in that role to this day.  Recently, many Lodges across the Nation have simply abandoned their dance teams as less and less people decided to join.  However, over his decades of service to the dance team, Jose has ensured that the Lenapehoking dance team stood strong and continued to build upon its long tradition of excellence.  Lenapehoking Lodge’s Medicine Wheel dancers now stand as the only dance team in our section and they perform many dances every year.  While most of the dances are for troops or packs, the team has had several notable performances recently.  The dance team performed at NNJC’s council-wide camporee, Scoutfest, in 2014.  They also performed for the World Organization of Scout Movements in Fall 2014.  At both of these performances, the dance team exceeded all expectations, even though much of the team consisted of new members.  These new members are able have such amazing performances because of Jose’s guidance.

Jose is a fantastic mentor and coach.  He makes sure that each dancer feels important and successful and guides all of the dancers to a level of performance that they did not believe they could achieve.  His attitude is always fun and cheerful, rather than negative or forceful.  Outside of the dance team, Jose is a great role model to the whole Lodge.  He makes every single member of the Lodge that he interacts with feel welcome.  Jose also puts in a huge time commitment to the team, but expects success from the team rather than personal recognition or personal glory.  It is his mission to serve and advise the team.  Because of his service, mentorship, and conscientious dedication, Jose is a great role model for others to live by.

Warren Dressler Jr.

Warren Dressler has proven to be a truly visionary leader, guiding the Lodge to new heights that most would never think possible.  Warren’s service to the Order of the Arrow began with his induction into Oratam Lodge 484 in 1966.  As a youth, he was highly involved with the ceremonies team, serving as its chairman from 1968 to 1971.  He also served as the Lodge Secretary and Treasurer in 1967-1968.  His work with the ceremonies team, however, did not end there.  He was the ceremonies Adviser of Oratam Lodge from 1971 to 1992, advising one of the most successful teams in the country.  He was also the Adviser of Lenapehoking Lodge’s ceremonies team from 2004-2013.  During this time period, the team was revitalized and experienced drastic improvement, thanks to Warren’s mentorship and knowledge.  Warren has been so successful with ceremonies because he sees beyond the words on the page and the movements in the ceremonies ring.  He strives to come to a full understanding of the meaning behind the ceremonies, or essentially the meaning behind the Order of the Arrow as a whole.  More importantly, he has dedicated his time and service to helping others understand and perform ceremonies. 

This understanding of the underlying meaning and purpose of the Order of the Arrow translates beyond the ceremonies team into all work he does, especially as an Adviser to the Lodge.  Warren was Lenapehoking Lodge’s Associate Lodge Adviser from 2010-2013 and Lodge Adviser from 2013 to present.  During his time as Lodge Adviser, the Lodge began to progress to a position of excellence.  He is known for striving for the great rather than settling for the good.  Through his mentorship and guidance of the Lodge Executive Committee, Warren has helped the Lodge break countless records, achieve gold JTE, and meet many goals, while still staying rooted to the principles and mission of the Order of the Arrow.  Warren never shies away from hard work and does whatever it takes to help others achieve their visions.  Warren’s deep understanding of leadership, his visionary attitude, and his adherence to the principles of the Order of the Arrow make him a phenomenal Arrowman. 

John Cebak

John Cebak epitomizes the term “servant leader.”  John was first inducted into the Order of the Arrow in 1956.  In 1968, he began serving Oratam Lodge 484 as Chapter Adviser.  Following his impactful and successful term as Chapter Adviser, he became Lodge Adviser in 1978 and continued with this position for ten years.  After stepping down as Lodge Adviser, John advised various lodge committees until 1999.  One of his many legacies is his work with the Trade-O-Ree.  He helped found this annual event to fund Lodge donations to the council campership fund.  2015 marks the Trade-O-Ree’s 36th anniversary, demonstrating the impact and legacy that an individual can have.  He still continues to support the event to this day.  John is a Vigil Honor member and a recipient of the Founder’s Award.

John serves all those around him and never refuses to lend a helping hand to anyone who needs him, whether it is in the Lodge, Council, Camp, or Troop.  John is extremely even-keeled and is able to help youth work through any situation in a comfortable setting that promotes learning, youth development and empowerment.  He not only exhibits such ideal traits, but also inspires all those around him to behave in a like manner.  His supportive attitude has been a legacy itself, manifesting itself in Oratam Lodge and eventually in Lenapehoking Lodge.  This is demonstrated by  the friendly manner in which candidates are treated and welcomed into membership in the Lodge, and the ability of Lodge officers and committee chairs to try new ideas knowing that they will be fully supported by their advisers.  These traits are also reflected by the way in which his past Lodge Chiefs and his troop’s Eagle Scouts have continued in their service to Scouting across multiple councils and at various levels of the organization.

John’s legacy is his personal commitment to youth development, Scouting, and the Order; the personable and encouraging manner in which he leads; the spirit of friendship and supportive youth leadership in the Order; and the variety and strength of the council’s camping programs.

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