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Lenapehoking IX Council Service Patch

Our Lodge has designed this special Council Strip for those Brothers who complete a series of tasks outlined below. 

All Members:

1. Dues paid for the current year and currently registered with unit, district or the Council.

2. Attend at least one chapter meeting or event and properly conduct (or support if you are an adult) at least one unit election

Brotherhood / Vigil Members must do each of the following:

A. Attend any OA “activity”* in the current year

B. Serve as an elangomat, serve with a lodge committee, hold a lodge position**, or properly conduct at least 3 unit elections

Ordeal Members (do C and A or B):

A. Attend any OA “activity”* in the current year or

B. Serve as an elangomat

C. And obtain brotherhood 

*(OA Weekends, Conclave, NOAC, NLS/NLATS, non-induction service outings, or other event approved by the Lodge Chief)
**Note: committee chairmen, elected Lodge officers, and Chapter Chiefs using this to fulfill the requirement must have submitted a detailed, backdated plan approved by the Lodge Chief (for elected Lodge officers) or their vice-chief. They must also prove that they are up to date with this plan. 

The Lodge has created a form that can be downloaded here to track your progress and acquire the necessary signatures. On completion return this form to the Lodge Chief to receive your CSP.

Questions? Contact our Lodge Chief at


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