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Unit of Excellence Award

Background & Purpose of the Award

As the primary platform where the Scouting program is delivered to youth, the unit is the most vital and important level of the BSA for the Order to support.


The Order of the Arrow Unit of Excellence Award seeks to identify those units, and   the leaders within them, who excel at incorporating the OA into their annual planning. This award is intended to provide a tool for  lodge to recognize, incentivize, and operationalize unit-level participation in Order of  the  Arrow  programs.


The OA Unit of Excellence Award criteria recognize units that invite the lodge to conduct quality unit elections, participate in lodge events and meetings, and operate    a complete OA Troop/Team Representative program. Our hope is that units that complete these criteria will benefit from the support programs that the Order of the Arrow has implemented to strengthen unit-delivered program. This recognition program, along with other tools for unit support, should be distributed and promoted   to Scoutmaster/Coach, OA Troop/Team Representatives and Advisers, and chapter election teams to include in communication to units.

Award Requirements

Units must complete all of the requirements listed below in order to be eligible as an Order of the Arrow Unit of Excellence. If all requirements are completed, the unit receives a ribbon for their troop/team flag, per annum. In addition to the ribbon, the award system has built in recognitions for the key players in each unit responsible for creating a strong Order of the Arrow culture in the unit.  These awards are available  for the following three positions:

  • Scoutmaster/Coach

  • Troop/Team Representative (TTR)

  • Troop/ Team Representative Adviser (Assistant Scoutmaster or Assistant Coach Designee)

Order of the Arrow Unit of Excellence Award Requirements

  1. Leadership: Implement the Troop OA Representative and Troop OA Representative Adviser (Assistant Scoutmaster) programs for your unit.

    • Every six months, ensure that the senior patrol leader (Troop) or Team Captain (Team) appoints or reappoints one Scout or Team Member to serve as Troop/Team OA Representative and the Scoutmaster/Coach appoints one adult to serve as Troop/Team OA Representative Adviser.

    • Feature an annual presentation at a Court of Honor by the Troop/Team OA Representative for the Order of the Arrow with a focus on the accomplishments of unit members.

  2. Participation: Promote Lodge events and provide transportation to all Arrowmen wishing to participate.

    • At least 50% of unit OA members attend at least one lodge event in addition to their Ordeal.

  3. Elections: Schedule a unit election with the Chapter Election Team annually. 

    • Hold an election and have 70% of elected Scouts complete their Ordeal.

  4. Planning: Maintain an active planning process that prevents overlap between the Lodge and Chapter events with Unit events.

    • Review the local OA calendar with the Patrol Leader’s Council or Team Leadership during annual troop/team program planning and schedule unit events so that 100% of troop/team programs do not overlap with any full- lodge events.

  5. Conversion: Demonstrate the depth of your unit's OA program through Brotherhood conversion

    • At least 30% of eligible troop/team members seal their membership in the Order by converting to Brotherhood.

Additional Recognition

  1. Order of the Arrow Scoutmaster of Excellence
    • Lead your unit in earning the OA Unit of Excellence Award three times during your tenure as Scoutmaster.
  2. Order of the Arrow Troop Representative of Excellence
    • Lead your unit in earning the OA Unit of Excellence Award during your tenure as a Troop/Team Representative (six months of service minimum).
  3. Order of the Arrow Troop Representative Adviser of Excellence
    • Advise at least two Troop/Team Representatives towards earning the OA Unit of Excellence Award during your tenure as Troop/Team Representative Adviser.

Note: The OA Troop/Team Representative Adviser (Assistant Scoutmaster) is a new, official BSA adult position of responsibility that has been created in conjunction with this award. Its purpose is to create the role for an adult to guide the youth TTR and be a ‘voice of the Order’ at the adult level in the troop/team structure. Patches for these positions can be purchased through the BSA Supply Division at your local Scout Shop.


Award Design/Format

Units and unit leaders selected to receive the Order of the Arrow Unit of Excellence Award will be recognized as follows:

  1. OA Unit of Excellence
    • National: Troop/Team flag ribbon, per annum
    • Local: Lodge and council recognition
  2. OA Scoutmaster/Coach of Excellence
    • National: Troop/Team flag ribbon, per annum
    • Local: Lodge and council recognition
  3. OA Scoutmaster/Coach of Excellence
    • National: Certificate
    • Local: Lodge and council recognition

Awarding Process

Order of the Arrow Unit of Excellence Awards will be bestowed by Lenapehoking IX upon units in their council that meet the requirements of the Award. These awards will be given out at the annual Lodge Banquet in January.




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