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Floodwood is located in the town of Tupper Lake, NY on Floodwood Road. The directions below start heading North on the New York State Thruway (Interstate 87). To use an online map service, type in Lake Clear, NY, as your destination, and use the local directions below from Route 30.

  • Take the New York State Thruway (Route 87)
  • At Albany leave the Thruway, stay on I-87 which is now the Northway.
  • From the New York/ New Jersey border it is just over 220 miles to Exit 30 (Route 73) on the Northway.
  • Follow Route 73 to its end at Route 86 in Lake Placid* (just under 30 miles); turn left on to Route 86.
  • Follow Route 86 on through Saranac Lake for about 15 miles to a blinker light
  • Turn left on to Route 186 for about 4 miles until it ends at Route 30.
  • Continue south and west on Route 30 for a few miles to Saranac Inn.  Just past the golf course turn right on to Floodwood Road.
  • Floodwood Road forks to the left as it runs alongside the golf course and shortly becomes a gravel road.
  • After about six miles of gravel road turn left on to a dirt road marked for Floodwood Mountain.
  • Shortly there will be a barrier gate.  Open (and close) if necessary.
  • Continue on to a fork in the road take the left fork to the West Pine base headquarters parking lot.

*There is a short cut that avoids Lake Placid.  A few miles before Lake Placid just past the Olympic Ski Jump Old Military Road forks left off Route 73. Take it and continue on it to its end at Route 86.  Turn left and continue through Saranac Lake as above.

For short term and summer camping information, directions and applications, contact the NNJC Camping Division at the Council Office at (201) 677-1000.


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