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Order of the Arrow Troop Representative


OA Troop Representative

From the perspective of a Scoutmaster, Skipper, or Crew Adviser, what can the OA Troop/Team Representative do for the unit?

  • Provide leadership opportunities in the unit and the OA, putting members of the Order back in the troop, rather than taking them away.
  • Motivating Arrowmen in your unit to remain active and continue to provide service
  • Ensure that OA teams are on hand for troop/team OA elections and/or camping promotions
  • Work with the Order of the Arrow and the leadership of your unit to ensure that calendars are coordinated
  • Promote Boy Scout camping in the unit and district. 

"Let it be remembered that the Order of the Arrow was created to help the unit?to help it present its membership a better ideal of the inner qualities of the good Scout camper.  Qualities of character, like cheerfulness and service, are hard for a boy or a man to understand in the abstract.  They come easier when seen in human life.

Let us realize the significance of the Order in the unit?for the unit is our best hope in Scouting."

Dr. E. Urner Goodman

Founder, Order of the Arrow

OA Troop/Team Representative Duties:

  • Assists with Leadership skills training in your troop/team
  • Promotes year round and resident camping in your troop/team
  • Serves as a communication link between the lodge or chapter and your troop/team
  • Encourages older Scout participation in high adventure programs
  • Encourages Scouts to actively participate in community service projects
  • Encourages Arrowmen to assume leadership positions in your troop/team
  • Encourages Arrowmen to be active participants in the Order of the Arrow lodge and chapter activities
  • Enthusiastically wears the Scout uniform correctly and sets a good example
  • Lives by the Scout Oath, Scout Law and OA Obligation
  • Shows Scout Spirit
  • Attends Lodge Chapter Meetings and/or Executive Meetings

Five Steps to Have a Successful OA Troop/Team Representative in Your Unit:

  1. Scoutmaster provides OA Representative information from the Lodge to the Senior Patrol Leader
  2. Senior Patrol Leader, upon consultation with the Scoutmaster, appoints the OA Representative
  3. Scoutmaster appoints an Arrowman adult, preferably an Assistant Scoutmaster, as an adviser to the OA Representative
  4. Scoutmaster sends contact information for the OA Representative and his adviser to the Lodge
  5. OA Representative and his adviser attend Lodge sponsored training to find out specific responsibilities of the job


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